Monday, 30 August 2010

The Moon and the Magpie

What a beautiful moon tonight!
All shiny and bright.
Seeing this beautiful sight,
The magpie took flight.

Up into the sky it did fly and fly,
Through the naughty children throwing bags of dye,
Past the person who ate lots of limes,
Into the phonebox that leapt through time.

The magpie took a rest with in mind the fear,
That the magpie might not make it through the atmosphere.

The magpie made the leap.
Looking upon the moon gave the strength to fight,
And fight the magpie did,
Towards the light,
But fear not! 
For our fearless friend has yet to fry,
As the magpie makes his way forwards in time.

The magpie flew and flew,

The magpie drew and drew,

The magpie reached the stars,
But the magpie still had to go quite far.

And so time "flies" by,

And finally our friend reaches the reason he travelled so far:
The moon that shone down so brightly and beautifully,
So the magpie stands atop a star,
Hugs the moon then plays his guitar,
And their happiness could be heard, from afar.